30 Hour IV Certification and Update
(State of Florida and Reciprocal States)

This includes:

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This 7 hour "hands-on" class starts with a review of basic intravenous therapy:
peripheral line starts, saline/heparin locks, IV site care, calculation of drop factor and piggy backing IV meds...
and advances to explanation/demonstration of different central lines (single lumen and multi lumen-
Hickman and Groshong).  

All students will perform:  Central Line Dressing Change, inserting a Huber needle into a Port-A-Cath, drawing blood from a PICC line,  flushing a central line, drawing blood from a peripheral site, and starting an IV  (priming the line, spiking the IV bag, practicing multiple peripheral IV starts, etc.).  Life like medical mannequins with a realistic blood return are used.  Students are suggested to wear a dark or red shirt to class.
At the end of this class students will also feel comfortable with the following equipment:
  • CADD  PCA  pump
  • Eclipse Gravity Ball administration device
  • Standard Hospital pump
  • Different "Dial-A-Flows"
  • Port-a-cath and Huber Needles

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  • 6 hour "Hands On" class
  • 24 Hour Home Study

  • Additional study materials
  • DVD of hanging and starting a peripheral IV
  • Take Home Test (Up to 6 Months to Complete)
  • Certificate of completion
  • Support by instructors Via: Phone + Email
The additional 24 hours of homestudy includes: