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Kane Educational Seminars provides the best quality "hands on" nursing educational seminars and workshops nationwide. Our students will increase their nursing skills, competence & confidence in a unique and enjoyable learning environment.

"Hands On" Live Classes

Our unique classes will allow you to gain the practical experience to prepare you for your job.

Highly Experienced Instructors

All of our classes are taught by extremely knowledgeable professionals.

Small Class Sizes

Our small class sizes allow our students to gain the personal confidence they need.

Hands On Classes

Wound Care Course
IV Certification
RN/LPN Refresher
Rated A+ on All Sites
State of Florida Board of Nursing Approved CE Provider #50-10841
Leslie D
Feb 12, 2020

I took the RN refresher course, IV certification, and Wound Care Courses. I was very impressed with the the instructors, Valerie K*** and Lori who did the Wound Care. There were multiple hands on opportunities, speakers who came to explain wound vac, compression etc... Multiple stations so as to become familiar with everything from IV's, IV pumps, starting IV's, tracheostomy's care, suctioning, central lines, g tubes, catheters, wound vacs, compression etc... I could go on and on because there was so much valuable information. I would recommend this course to new graduate who wants to feel more confident or the older nurse getting back in the work force. Also the Wound Care courses are excellent for any nurse who wants to learn more about wound care. I loved the courses. I feel more confident in my nursing skills because of taking this class. Thank you Kane Educational Seminars!!!! Leslie D.

Priscilla M
Mar 8, 2020

I have been out of the field now for 13 years and decided to take two courses through Kane. I took both the RN refresher course and the IV certification. The both have helped me immensely, I feel so confident now to enter back into nursing and utilize many of the valuable skills I learned again in these courses. Val is a wealth of knowledge. She creates a very inviting atmosphere for learning and no matter how long its been since you've nursed or how much you've forgotten, she welcomes you wherever you are at. Val has endless experiences in her nearly 50 years of nursing. She stays current with the trends and really prepares her students for entry back into nursing. She answered any questions I had and provided me with extremely valuable tools as I enter back into nursing. I would highly recommend any course through Kane and I do not say that lightly. It will be worth it!

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