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RN/LPN Refresher

This Clinical Skills "Hands On" Nurse Refresher class is offered to nurses who have not practiced nursing for an extended period of time, or have been working in a field of nursing where they didn't utilize their "hands-on clinical skills". The goal of this class is to update nurses' knowledge and skill base, with a strong emphasis on clinical nursing procedures and good bed side sterile technique. This one full day seminar will help increase the skills and confidence of RN's and LPN's as they return to the clinical setting.

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IV Certification

LEARN AND PRACTICE IN A COMFORTABLE SETTING WITH OUR EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTORS - This 7 hour "hands-on" class starts with a review of basic intravenous therapy: peripheral line starts, saline/heparin locks, IV site care, calculation of drop factor and piggy backing IV meds... and advances to explanation/demonstration of different central lines (single lumen and multi lumen-Hickman and Groshong).

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Wound Care Course

This KANE EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS "Wound Care" course is for RN's, LPN's and APRN's wanting to become more familiar with the current concepts in the best practice and treatments of different types of wounds they will encounter in the clinical setting today. Learn "Best Practices" with our highly experienced, currently active, Certificated Wound Care Instructors (CWCN) with 15+ years experience.

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